While growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, I would spend weekends with my mother in the Smithsonian Museums and The National Gallery of Art.  Being an art educator, she taught me to approach art in an open-minded and objective way.  Appreciating different periods and applications of art gives me the skills to incorporate a wide range of concepts in home designs.   

My great-great grandfather, Louis Comfort Tiffany, has also been an inspiration and influence on my life.  During my time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I assisted in gathering works of art by Tiffany for a special exhibition.  This gave me a unique understanding of the diversity and depth of his design ability.  As a result, my aesthetic appreciation of interior spaces is a result of an array of styles and cultures. 

My job as an Interior Designer is to listen and transform your home.  Maximizing space, recognizing natural light, and accenting a home’s best features begin the process that captures the personalities of my clients.  I combine favorite pieces of furniture and family heirlooms with new colors, patterns, and textures to produce a unique look and feel.  Through furniture, fabric application, home decor, window treatments, and color selection the style comes to life.  My goal is to provide you with a home design that reflects how you live, who you are, and what you love.   -Nadia