New Look, Same Layout

During the renovatio of this home, we decided to update the powder room. We kept the same layout, but the client wanted a new, elegant look.

Where we started: a wonderful Cowtan & Tout black wallpaper with a pink-flowered vine. The vine has green undertones with iridescent gold over the green, which adds such a great depth to the paper. TIP: Often people think they have to choose light colors in small spaces, but don't be shy about choosing a darker color for your small study or powder room. Dark colors (with appropriate light) can make a space feel sophisticated or intimate.

What we added: a small piece of molding 8 inches below the ceiling. Then we painted the ceiling and molding a black base coat and gold wash as a second coat. This trick adds the kind of depth we love in the wallpaper's vine pattern.

What we kept: the mirror and antique sconces, but we added new red shades to the sconces.